VES takes to ‘Tintin’

'Apes,' 'Captain America,' 'Pirates' also top contenders

The Adventures of Tintin” leads the pack of nominees for the Visual Effects Society’s VES kudos with six noms.

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” and “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” followed with five nominations, with “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” earning four bids.

“Rise of the Planet of the Apes,” “Harry Potter,” and “Transformers” will face off against each other and “Captain America: The First Avenger,” and “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” in the outstanding visual effects in a visual effects-driven feature motion picture, considered one of the most prestigious honors at the awards.

“When you look at this year’s nominees you’re really seeing that visual effects have moved out of their child stage and matured into a young adult stage,” said Jeffrey Okun, VES chair. “You’re seeing visual effects integrated into the storytelling and becoming part of the overall experience, not just seeing visual effects that are there for the sake of them being there.”

Okun also noted that there were an unprecedented number of entries in the outstanding visual effects in a student project category and that the overall quality of the entries was so high the judges settled on six nominees rather than the usual four.

The 10th annual VES Awards will be held Feb. 7 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel and will air exclusively on ReelzChannel. Stan Lee will receive the VES 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award and Douglas Trumbull will receive the Georges Melies Award.

Go to Variety.com for a complete list of VES nominees.

And the nominees are:

Outstanding Visual Effects in a Visual Effects-Driven Feature Motion Picture

“Captain America: The First Avenger”
Charlie Noble
Mark Soper
Christopher Townsend
Edson Williams

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2”
Tim Burke
Emma Norton
John Richardson
David Vickery

“Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”
Gary Brozenich
David Conley
Charlie Gibson
Ben Snow

“Rise of the Planet of the Apes”
Dan Lemmon
Joe Letteri
Cyndi Ochs
Kurt Williams

Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Scott Benza
Wayne Billheimer
Matthew Butler
Scott Farrar

Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Feature Motion Picture

Andre Cantarel
Volker Engel
Rony Soussan
Marc Weigert

Ben Grossmann
Alex Henning
Rob Legato
Karen Murphy

“Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows”
Laya Armian
Chas Jarrett
Seth Maury
Sirio Quintavalle

“Source Code”
Annie Godin
Louis Morin

“War Horse”
Duncan Burbidge
Ben Morris
Mike Mulholland
Chris Zeh

Outstanding Visual Effects in an Animated Feature Motion Picture

“Arthur Christmas”
Doug Ikeler
Chris Juen
Alan Short
Mandy Tankenson

“Kung Fu Panda 2”
Melissa Cobb
Alex Parkinson
Jennifer Yuh Nelson
Raymond Zibach

“Puss In Boots”
Joe Aguilar
Guillaume Aretos
Ken Bielenberg
Chris Miller

Tim Alexander
Hal Hickel
Jacqui Lopez
Katie Lynch

“The Adventures of Tintin
Jamie Beard
Joe Letteri
Meredith Meyer-Nichols
Eileen Moran

Outstanding Visual Effects in a Broadcast Miniseries, Movie, or Special

“Finding Life Beyond Earth”
Simon Clarke
Hasraf Dulull
Vikas Gandhi
Francisco Lima

J. David Everhart
Kent Johnson
Jon Rhinehardt
Jon Rosenthal

“Inside the Human Body”
Phil Dobree
Sophie Orde
Dan Upton

“Prep & Landing: Naughty vs. Nice”
Kevin Deters
Dorothy McKim
John Murrah
Stevie Wermers

Outstanding Visual Effects in a Broadcast Series

“Falling Skies”
Rob Biagi
Curt Miller
Andrew Orloff
Sean Tompkins

Robert Habros
Andrew Orloff
Jay Worth
Chris Wright

“Planet Dinosaur”
Phil Dobree
Luke Dodd
Haz Dulull
Mark Sherwood

“Terra Nova”
Kevin Blank
Colin Brady
Adica Manis
Jason Zimmerman

“The Bomber”
Igor Gotsulyak
Dmitriy Kolesnik
Egor Olesov
Dmitriy Ovcharenko

Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Broadcast Program

“Boardwalk Empire” – “Georgia Peaches”
Richard Friedlander
Robert Stromberg
David Taritero

“Bones” – “Tornado Case”
Christian Cardona
Buddy Gheen
Beau Janzen
Andy Simonson

“Breaking Bad” – “Face Off”
Bruce Branit
Werner Hahnlein
Gregory Nicotero
William Powloski

“Game of Thrones” – “Winter is Coming”
Lucy Ainsworth-Taylor
Angela Barson
Ed Bruce
Adam McInnes

“Pan Am” – Pilot
Tavis Larkham
Chris Martin
Sam Nicholson
Matt Robken

Outstanding Visual Effects in a Live Action Commercial

Dior – “J’adore”
Pascal Giroux
Julien Meesters
Stephane Pivron
Manuel Souillac

Jameson – “Fire”
Chris Bankoff
Dan Glass
Sascha M. Flick
Jeff Willette

Johnnie Walker – “Rock Giant”
Vincent Baertsoen
Camila de Biagi
Angus Kneale
Rob Petrie

Kia – “Share Some Soul”
Charles Abou Aad
Andy Boyd
Nordin Rahhali
Mike Wigart

Volkswagen – “Hedgehog”
Mhamed Elmezoued
Stephane Montel
Emilie Nicodex

Outstanding Visual Effects in an Animated Commercial or Video Game Trailer

Audi A6 Avant – “Hummingbird”
Tom Bussell
Hugo Guerra
Rahel Makonnen
Jorge Montiel

Coca-Cola – “Siege”
Russell Dodgson
Simon French
Diarmid Harrison-Murray
Sarah Hiddlestone

“Diablo III: The Black Soulstone”
Nicholas S. Carpenter
Graham Cunningham
Chris Thunig
Taka Yasuda

“Prey 2”
Heikki Anttila
Brandon Riza
Al Shier
Dave Wilson

Sony – “2 Worlds”
Melanie Larue
David Liu
Richard Morton

Outstanding Visual Effects in a Special Venue Project

Marc Rienzo
Eric Sanford
Lisa Zusmer Delprete

“Humbugged! Rockettes to the Rescue”
Troy Griffin
Jasmine Johnson
Greg Lyons
Glo Minaya

“Star Tours: The Adventure Continues”
Bill George
Jeanie King
Glen McIntosh
Marianne McLean

“Transformers: The Ride – The Ultimate 3D Battle”
Lori Arnold
Yanick Dusseault
Delio Tramontozzi
Jeff White

“Typhoon 360”
Peter Crosman
Seungyong Lee
Michael “oz” Smith
Brent Young

Outstanding Animated Character in a Live Action Feature Motion Picture

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” – Ukranian Ironbelly
Yasunobu Arahori
Tom Bracht
Gavin Harrison
Chris Lentz

“Paul” – Paul
Anders Beer
Julian Foddy
Jody Johnson
David Lowry

“Rise of the Planet of the Apes” – Caesar
Daniel Barrett
Florian Fernandez
Matthew Muntean
Eric Reynolds

“The Thing” – Edvard/Adam
Lyndon Barrois
Fred Chapman
Greg Massie
Marco Menco

Outstanding Animated Character in an Animated Feature Motion Picture

“Puss In Boots” – Puss
Antonio Banderas
Ludovic Bouancheau
Laurent Caneiro
Olivier Staphylas

“Rango” – Rango
Frank Gravatt
Kevin Martel
Brian Paik
Steve Walton

“Rio” – Nigel
Diana Diriwaechter
Sang Jun Lee
Sergio Pablos
Aamir Tarin

The Adventures of Tintin” – Tintin
Gino Acevedo
Gustav Ahren
Jamie Beard
Simon Clutterbuck

Outstanding Animated Character in a Broadcast Program or Commercial

Audi A6 Avant – “Hummingbird”
Tom Bussell
Jorge Montiel

Canal + – “The Bear”
Laurent Creusot
Guillaume Ho
Olivier Mitonneau
Michal Nauzin

Carls Jr. – “Robot”
Matt Heimlich
Fredd Hopp
Philip Ineno
Rob Ramsdell

“Game of Thrones” – “Fire and Blood”
Henry Badgett
Mark Brown
Rafael Morant
James Sutton

Outstanding Created Environment in a Live Action Feature Motion Picture

“Anonymous” – London
Andre Cantarel
Robert Freitag
Rony Soussan
Greg Strasz

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” – Hogwarts
Keziah Bailey
Stephen Ellis
Clement Gerard
Pietro Ponti

“Thor” – Heimdall’s Observatory
Pierre Buffin
Audrey Ferrara
Yoel Godo
Dominique Vidal

“Transformers: Dark of the Moon” – 155 Wacker Drive
Giles Hancock
John Hanson
Tom Martinek
Scott Younkin

Outstanding Created Environment in an Animated Feature Motion Picture

“Puss In Boots” – The Cloud World
Guillaume Aretos
Greg Lev
Brett Miller
Peter Zaslav

“Rango” – Main Street Dirt
John Bell
Polly Ing
Martin Murphy
Russell Paul

“The Adventures of Tintin” – Bagghar
Hamish Beachman
Adam King
Wayne Stables
Mark Tait

“The Adventures of Tintin” – Docks
Matt Aitken
Jeff Capogreco
Jason Lazaroff
Alessandro Mozzato

“The Adventures of Tintin” – Pirate Battle
Phil Barrenger
Keith F. Miller
Alessandro Saponi
Christoph Sprenger

Outstanding Created Environment in a Broadcast Program or Commercial

Audi A6 Avant – “Hummingbird”
Amaan Akram
Tom Bussell
Alex Hammond

“Boardwalk Empire” – “Two Boats and a Lifeguard”
Matthew Conner
Robert Stromberg

“Game of Thrones” – “The Icewall”
Markus Kuha
Dante Harbridge Robinson
Damien Mac
Fani Vassiadi

“Pan Am” – “Pilot: Worldport Terminal”
Bill Arance
Martin Hilke
Diego Galtieri
Anthony Ocampo

“Terra Nova” – “Terra Nova”
Michael Bozulich
Eric Hance
Kevin Kipper
David Morton

Outstanding Virtual Cinematography in a Live Action Feature Motion Picture

Martin Chamney
Rob Legato
Adam Watkins
Fabio Zangla

“Rise of the Planet of the Apes”
Thelvin Cabezas
Mike Perry
R. Christopher White
Erik Winquist

Xavier Allard
Pierre Buffin
Nicolas Chevallier

“Transformers: Dark of the Moon”
Michael Balog
Richard Bluff
Shawn Kelly
Jeff White

Outstanding Virtual Cinematography in an Animated Feature Motion Picture

“Arthur Christmas”
Michael Ford
David Morehead
Emi Tahira

“Cars 2”
Mahyar Abousaeedi
Sharon Calahan
Jeremy Lasky
Jonathan Pytko

Colin Benoit
Philippe Rebours
Nelson Sepulveda
Nick Walker

“The Adventures of Tintin”
Matt Aitken
Matthias Menz
Keith F. Miller
Wayne Stables

Outstanding Virtual Cinematography in a Broadcast Program or Commercial

“Gears of War 3” – “Dust to Dust”
Niles Heckman
Richard Morton
Vernon Wilbert Jr.

“Ghost Recon” – Future Soldier “Camo Up”
David Liu

“Mattel: Hot Wheels”
Steve Beck
Robert Sethi
Feliz Urquiza

“Once Upon A Time” – Cinderella’s Courtyard
Stephen Jackson
Salyanne Massimini
Nathan Matsuda
Kevin Struckman

Outstanding Models in a Feature Motion Picture

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2” – Hogwarts School Buildings
Steven Godfrey
Pietro Ponti
Tania Marie Richard
Andy Warren

“Hugo” – Train Crash
Scott Beverly
Allan Faucher
Forest P. Fischer
Matthew Gratzner

“Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” – Parking Garage
John Goodson
Russell Paul
Kristian Pedlow
Vick Schutz

“Transformers: Dark of the Moon” – Driller
Tim Brakensiek
Kelvin Chu
David Fogler
Rene Garcia

Outstanding Models in a Broadcast Program or Commercial

“Arrowhead Nature’s Fix”
Carl Horner
Ian Hunter
Miyo Nakamura
Hayley O’Neil

“Boardwalk Empire”
Matthew Conner
Eran Dinur
David Reynolds
Szymon Weglarski

“Falling Skies”
Jon Chesson
Steve Graves
Michael Kirylo
Renaud Talon

“Once Upon A Time”
Michael Kirylo
Jeremy Michael Melton
Jason O. Monroe
Chris Strauss

Outstanding Compositing in a Feature Motion Picture

Captain America: The First Avenger”
Casey Allen
Trent Claus
Brian Hajek
Cliff Welsh

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2”
Michele Benigna
Martin Ciastko
Thomas Dyg
Andy Robinson

“Rise of the Planet of the Apes”
Jean Luc Azzis
Quentin Hema
Simon Jung
Christoph Salzmann

“Transformers: Dark of the Moon”
Chris Balog
Ben O’Brien
Amy Shepard
Jeff Sutherland

Outstanding Compositing in a Broadcast Program or Commercial

“Any World: Jeep Call of Duty MWF3”
Jason Bergman
Steve Meyer
Peter Sidoriak

“Boardwalk Empire” – “Gimcrack & Bunkum”
Anton Dawson
Eran Dinur
Austin Meyers
David Reynolds

Channel 4 – “Street Summer”
Stirling Archibald
Anthony Bloor
Michael Gregory
Giacomo Mineo

DirecTV – “Hot House”
Franck Lambertz

Outstanding Visual Effects in a Student Project

Roman Kaelin
Falko Paeper
Florian Wittmann

“Aquatic Bloom”
Susie Hong
Bokyeong Kim

“Defective Detective”
Avner Geller
Stevie Lewis

“Hai Hase”
Florian Greth
Julia Reck

“Renee the Movie”
Syrena Edmonds
Zack Heimbegner
Brian Mullen
Nathaniel Skinner

“We Miss You”
Jann Doeppert Hannah
Tonio Freitag
Hannah Maria Heidrich
Sebastian NozonSebastian Nozon

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