The one constant in life, as you may have heard, is change – and nowhere does change comes faster than in the technology world. Unplug

After three years of bringing you news about technology and how it applies to the entertainment world, Technotainment is shutting down. And while we hate to lower the curtain on this facet of our coverage, it’s critical to note that in no way is Variety walking away from this area of the industry.

While this daily blog will no longer be updated, Variety will continue to cover technological matters, the video game industry and everything else we’ve focused on here as part of our day-to-day coverage in Daily Variety and Weekly Variety. (And you don’t need to look much further than our extensive coverage of the just-completed Consumer Electronics Show to see that.)

I’ll still be regularly contributing to Variety – and there’s plenty coming that you won’t want to miss. So if you’ve got a story to pitch or a comment to make, I invite you to stay in touch with me directly at chris.r.morris@gmail.com.

On a personal note, I want to thank Dana Harris, who brought me into the Variety family to run this and the late Cut Scene blog some three years ago. Variety group editor Tim Gray has been incredibly supportive of the blog and encouraged me to take chances. I will be forever in his debt. And Variety.com Chris Krewson has been a firm backer of what we do here as well.

Thanks most of all to those of you who have made Technotainment a part of your daily routine, however. Your notes, comments and thoughts have never failed to be insightful and eye opening. I look forward to continuing our relationship in the pages of Variety.