Viggle, a second-screen app that awards prizes to viewers for watching TV, has signed up its first movie studio as a client.

Universal Pictures will look to Viggle to support the upcoming release of “Battleship.” Viewers can win free tickets for opening weekend via Fandango for a week beginning May 14, four days before the movie is released.

“We’re excited to work with Universal,” said Kevin Arrix, chief revenue officer at Viggle. “We’re eager to demonstrate the true power for Viggle to drive tickets and box office.”

Viggle users can collect points for each show they watch and trade them in for prizes. While Viggle has made movie tickets available as prizes before, “Battleship” represents the first time a studio has bought in to promote a film for a specific time and supplemented with ads and trailers.

Launched by CKX founder Robert F.X. Sillerman, Viggle has drawn 625,000 registered users in three months of operation.

In the brief time it has been active, Viggle has shown some promising potential to drive awareness for TV shows. Viggle occasionally exceeded the social-media activity of Twitter and Facebook on nights in which select series aired, including “Gossip Girl,” “Smash” and “Bones, according to data from tracking firm Trendrr.