Twitter taps Fred Graver for TV outreach

Ex-'Letterman' scribe hired to forge industry ties

Twitter has tapped veteran TV executive Fred Graver to lead efforts striking partnerships in the TV business.

Graver, who has been a writer/producer for series including “Cheers” and “Late Night With David Letterman,” is charged with forging ties between the social-media service and networks eager to utilize his new company as a means of promoting programming.

After starting his TV career as a scribe, Graver transitioned into an executive role first as executive producer and creator of VH1 series “Best Week Ever.” More recently he served as senior VP programming at Travel Channel and a producer on “Rock Center with Brian Williams.” Graver has also worked the tech edge of Hollywood in stints at Disney Imagineering and MTVi, a now-defunct interactive group once embedded within MTV Networks.

Twitter has been an eager partner to TV programmers who have leveraged its viral potential in myriad ways from establishing voting for contestants on Fox’s “The X Factor” to weather-centric tweets with The Weather Channel. Twitter also recently enlisted networks including BET and Lifetime as the first among a series of media partners who will be using “expanded tweets” to seed the Twitter platform with more in-stream content.

Graver joins a division led by Chloe Sladden, VP of media, to whom he will report. While Sladden previously served as point man to the TV business, Graver’s hire represents a broadening of her division’s focus that required delegating those duties.

Graver’s team includes Andrew Adashek, Grace Chu Lee and Kate Bowen. Robin Sloan, who was among Twitter execs responsible for TV-industry outreach, left last November.

Graver will be based in New York.