Songkick, the online concert info database that claims 6 million users, has launched Tourbox, an artist-oriented service that syncs an artist’s concert tour info across a broad array of fan-friendly sites such as YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Tumblr, and Facebook.

The site, which went live on Wednesday, allows an artist or band to publish their concert dates on the Internet via Songkick’s various partners. For example, with Tourbox’s Spotify app, fans are alerted to concerts in their areas based on their playlists. On YouTube, concert dates are listed next to videos being viewed by users.

The service is free for fans and artists who create an account on Songkick. As Songkick co-founder and CEO Ian Hogarth explained to Variety, “When we generate ticket sales, we get an affiliate commission. We make money when the band makes money.”

Hogarth, who likens Songkick for concertgoers to such services as Netflix for movie fans and Yelp for foodies, launched the London-based company in 2008 with Michelle You and Pete Smith, with an office in San Francisco.

Via Songkick, tour dates reach an array of other online services, including Bandcamp, Band Page, Foursquare, Hype Machine, Mobile Roadie, MTV and Vevo. Label affiliates include the Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group.

Artists signed up for the service include M83, M Ward, Soundgarden and Demi Lovato. The Windish Agency, an indie booker with a 550-act roster, worked with Songkick on the beta phase.