Sensio banks on 3D for Web-connected TVs

Service will kick off in March with 60 titles

Betting on Web streaming as the future of home 3D, 3D content provider Sensio is setting up its own consumer-facing 3D VOD service.

The 3DGO! service is skeded to roll out as an app for web-connected TVs by end of March. At launch it is to have about 60 movie titles, including independently produced Imax 3D pics and some studio fare. Sensio aims to have over 100 titles by year’s end, including studio catalog titles, recorded concerts, sports and other events.

Plainview, New York-based Internet TV company NeuLion is partnering with Sensio on the venture. Sensio has built its business as a behind-the-scenes tech provider specializing in delivering 3D content.

Sensio claims its lossless “hi-fi” compression will deliver full HD 3D (1080p on both eyes) on a broadband connection of only 2 Mbps, average for an American home, and that a two-hour movie would be about 2 Gb, so not to run afoul of new monthly caps on data plans.

Sensio is in talks with consumer electronics firms to get the 3DGO! app onto connected devices and expects to launch with at least three TV makers on board. “Vizio is a longtime customer of ours and is on the top of our priority list,” said Sensio execuitive VP and chief marketing officer Richard LaBerge, adding “The passive 3D manufacturers are extremely interested in what we’re doing.”

Sensio prexy-CEO Nicholas Routhier said “There are not enough 3D televisions to sustain any form of broadcast. The real deal in our view for the next three to four years is video on demand.” And in fact, France’s Canal Plus has decided to shut down its 3D TV service.

Routhier said 3D streaming apps like 3DGO! can work because they aggregate the 3D TV viewers now scattered between many providers. 3DGO! won’t be able to reach those French 3D viewers stranded by Canal Plus; for now, it will only available in the U.S.