Revision3 adds Reitman to digital roster

YouTube regular launching movie review show

Revision3 is adding another YouTube regular to its growing roster.

The San Francisco-based digital network has signed Catherine Reitman and is launching her weekly movie review show “Breaking It Down.” The first episode, which will air today, offers comedic commentary on “The Hunger Games.”

Reitman, the daughter of Ivan Reitman and sister of Jason, has been hosting the show off and on for a year on YouTube, building a loyal audience of roughly 10,000 subscribers. Revision3, which brings its content to 40 distribution partners including iTunes, marries its online talent with advertisers including Ford, Sony and Netflix.

The network aims to double Reitman’s subscribers out of the gate — not a difficult task given the trending power of “The Hunger Games” this weekend — and grow her base substantially in the coming months.

“I look at content online, and as you know, it can be endless,” said Ryan Vance, Revision3 VP of programming and production. “My job is to find the jewels. I’ve been a fan of Catherine’s show since it launched. She’s really funny and astute.”

In an effort to feed its audience of 23 million users, Revision3 has been gobbling up popular YouTube acts over the past 18 months including Philip DeFranco (aka PhillyD), Epic Mealtime and TechnoBuffalo.

New episodes of “Breaking It Down,” which range between four and eight minutes, will air every Thursday. Reitman created the show with Candor Entertainment. Joe Sorge and Philip Sternberg exec produce, while Woodrow Thomson produces and directs.

Reitman, a Groundlings alum, has no plans to quit her day job as an actress. She will return next season for her recurring role on FX’s “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”