Olympics powers BBC online traffic

Site attracts 9.7 million visitors on one day

LONDON — The BBC’s online coverage of the London Olympics is breaking new records.

On Saturday, Sunday and Monday the BBC Sport website received a record numbers of visitors, according to the pubcaster.

On Monday the site was viewed by 9.7 million global visitors (including 7.2 million in the U.K.), beating the previous day’s record of 8.3 million, itself up on Saturday’s 7.8 million, also a record.

BBC Sport’s Olympics app, available on Apple iPhones and Android smartphones, has been downloaded 1.15 million times since its launch.

The Beeb said that 55% of requests were from non-desktop devices on Saturday.

Online viewing of Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony is also hefty. Over the weekend there were 1.7 million requests for the ceremony on catch-up service the BBC iPlayer, with 925,000 on Saturday — a record for a single day, said the pubcaster.

The clip of James Bond escorting the Queen to London 2012 has been viewed 640,000 times on the BBC’s YouTube channel.

“We have been testing the infrastructure and the sites we have built for the games for months using test data and streams and artificial traffic, and we were really confident it would work,” said Cait O’Riordan, head of product, BBC Sport and London 2012

“But even so it’s nerve-wracking turning it all on and showing it to vast numbers of real users — so we are thrilled that it’s all working so well.”