Looks like Netflix won’t be traveling back in time with “Terra Nova” any time soon.

After serious discussions about the possibility of ordering new episodes of the drama canceled by Fox earlier this month, it’s understood that 20th Century Fox TV and the Netcaster could not come to terms on a deal for the show.

The prospect of the show moving to Netflix was always a long shot, given the elaborate production and vfx demands of the dino-drama, which lensed in Oz.

Insiders confirmed that 20th TV is ready to call it a wrap for “Terra Nova,” which launched with major fanfare last fall. The series had a strong pedigree, with Peter Chernin and Steven Spielberg among its exec producers, but never had enough traction with viewers to secure a renewal for Fox, given its high pricetag.

But who knows — “Terra Nova’s” time may yet come. Of all the major TV studios, 20th has the best track record of finding second lives for its shows, having pulled it off with “Family Guy,” “Futurama” and most recently in a path-breaking pact with Netflix for new segs of “Arrested Development.”