Netflix is seeing a pronounced shift in its business as an increasing percentage of subscribers utilize the service for streaming TV rather than films, according to new data from Nielsen.

An online survey in March and April revealed that 19% of Netflix subs prefer using the service for TV programming, up from 11% the year before. Meanwhile, those reporting a preference for movies dipped from 53% to 47%; the percentage with no preference remained relatively flat at 35%.

The shift likely reflects both an increase in the amount of TV programming Netflix has licensed and some significant losses on the film side. As early as the fourth quarter of 2011, Netflix execs noted that TV had overtaken film as the source of the majority of hours streamed.

Earlier this year, Netflix lost a key deal with Starz that delivered movies from Disney and Sony, though the company has signed new streaming deals with other studios to compensate for the loss.

The shift could also be a reflection of an influx of original programming on Netflix. The service’s first-ever original series, “Lilyhammer,” bowed earlier this year and has since been renewed. More such shows are on the way, including a revival of the Fox sitcom “Arrested Development.”