HBO digital vet Alison Moore has been tapped exec vice president and general manager of style-centric website DailyCandy.

Moore, a highly regarded senior VP for digital products at HBO, helped launch HBO Go, which has become the bellwether for TV Everywhere. She starts at NBCU on Nov. 1, reporting to Nick Lehman, prexy of digital at the conglom’s Entertainment & Digital Networks and Integrated Media Group.

Initially launched as a fashion-forward email service for femmes in metropolitan areas, DailyCandy was acquired by Comcast in 2008 at a figure that biz experts placed at $125 million. Now under the NBCU umbrella and with a user base of over six million women, the digital brand has launched partnerships with NBCU products including a recent video initiative with the Style Network known as “StyleCandy.”

“DailyCandy was contributed into NBCU by Comcast as a part of the division of Entertainment and Digital Networks,” Lehman told Variety. “We look at DailyCandy as a key pillar in the fashion and style space at NBCU, which is a crucial area for female demographics.”

Moore will help expand DailyCandy across Web, mobile and social platforms. She will guide the “StyleCandy” partnership and forge deeper ties between DailyCandy and NBCU’s TV and digital properties.

Lehman noted that MTV’s SuChin Pak was recently hired as DailyCandy’s chief correspondent and appears on multiple shows across the NBC family as the face of the digital brand. Recently, Pak provided fashion coverage of the Golden Globes for NBCU property “Access Hollywood.” Lehman anticipates more TV property partnerships for DailyCandy as the brand continues to grow.

Moore, a self-affirmed “loyal DailyCandy follower” and the architect of HBOGO, stated that “in today’s cluttered media environment, brands like DailyCandy with such enormous positive equity, point of view and voice really stand out.”

Moore served as marketing manager for HBO in 1995, leaving the paybler in ’99 but returning in 2003 as director of brand development. In 2006 she was upped to veep of HBO’s brand strategy and digital platforms.

“Alison’s blend of start-up expertise and extensive experience running digital at a major media company makes her the ideal leader for DailyCandy,” said Lehman. “We’re excited to put her digital muscle against our product.”

Jill Goldsmith contributed to this report