Intl. 3D Society & 3D@Home has announced its new board of governors and officers.

The org, formed on Aug. 16 via a merger between the Intl. 3D Society and the 3D@Home Consortium, includes more than 70 company and 600 individual members worldwide.

The election took place at the combined group’s annual meeting at the studios of DreamWorks Animation.

“Our newly elected board and officers reflect an unparalleled breadth of experience across all key areas of the 3D ecosystem,” said 3net CEO Tom Cosgrove, who was named co-chair of I3DS & 3D@Home. “Our combined organization and executives will work in collaboration with our global partners to advance the proliferation of 3D content and expand the opportunities for consumer adoption of this dynamic medium around the world.”

“Coupled with the increasing number of 3D TVs in the home and the broad range of content available, we expect the demand for 3D content to accelerate over the next few years,” said Samsung Electronics America senior marketing manager Dan Schinasi, who was elected as the org’s other co-chair. “This board will continue to identify opportunities to leverage current and future expertise in 3D production, content distribution channels and consumer education to drive 3D adoption.”

Also named as officers: Howard Lukk, Disney, as co-chair elect, with Disney’s Mike DeValue as his alternate; Kappei Morishita, Panasonic, as first vice chair-treasurer; Peter Lude, Sony, as vice chair-secretary, with Sony’s Toshino Yuhaku as alternate; and Phil Corriveau, Intel, as vice chair.

DreamWorks Animation’s Jim Mainard, 3D inventor Lenny Lipton, I3DS and 3D@Home prexy Jim Chabin and Dunn & Pariser’s Pat Dunn will serve on the executive committee.

Elected to serve on the board of governors: Sony Pictures’ Grant Anderson, THX’s Chris Armbrust, d.p. Matt Blute, BSkyB’s John Cassy, Chromium Labs 3D’s Chuck Comisky, XpanD 3D’s Maria Costeira, Dolby Labs’ Ron Geller with Jana Spotts as alternate, RealD’s Rick Heineman, MobiTV’s Kay Johansen, Samsung’s Louis B.J. Kim, Vizio’s Lily Knowles, MasterImage 3D’s Matt Liszt, 3ality Technica’s Steve Schklair, StereoD’s William Sherak, National Geographic’s Lisa Truitt and Pixar’s Bob Whitehill.

Elected chairs of international committees include Panasonic’s Masayuki Kozuka, Asia; CCTV’s Wenhua Ding, China; Korea Telecomm’s YY Park, South Korea; Waseda U.’s Takashi Kawai, Japan; Liege U.’s Jacques Verly, Europe; and BSkyB’s Cassy, U.K.

“Eight of the top 10 grossing movies of all time have adopted 3D as a key component to their financial and artistic success,” Chabin said. “‘Titanic 3D’ has broken all box office records in China this year. With nearly 50 TV channels on the air worldwide, and more than 100 3D Blu-ray discs available on the market, this digital art form is swiftly colonizing an ever-increasing array of screens.”