OLED – or organic light-emitting diode – has been one of the longest running legends in consumer technology. Lg-55-inch-oled

The screens, which are incredibly vibrant and accurate in their color technology, have been shown as prototypes, usually just no larger than 15 inches, but release dates have always been nebulous, due to the incredibly high cost of the technology. LG, however, appears ready to jump in at this year’s CES.

The company plans to unveil a 55-inch OLED TV panel at the show. The set will be surrounded by a frame that’s just 4mm thick and weighs just 16.5 lbs.

“Working closely with LG Display, we have a product which not only delivers on all the advantages of OLED over LCD but at a significantly lower cost than what could be achieved using existing OLED manufacturing technologies,” said Havis Kwon, president and CEO of LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company. “OLED is clearly the future of home TV entertainment and LG is very focused on making this exciting technology as easy as possible for consumers to embrace.”

LG didn’t give any hints as to pricing or availability, though. We’ll have to wait until next week to see if it’s willing to commit to a launch date – as well as its definition of “lower cost”.