Helmer wanted woman’s touch for ‘Sessions’

Eye on the Oscars: Vfx, Sound & Editing

When Aussie director Ben Lewin hired editor Lisa Bromwell, best known for her work on such TV shows as “Criminal Minds” and “Weeds,” he deliberately chose a woman, “because I feel men and women have different emotional buttons, and I wanted to have a discussion about where the emotional beats were and how intense or subtle we should make them.”

Says Bromwell, who edited on Avid 5 in Lewin’s Santa Monica garage, “I really understood the story and I do think that I brought what he wanted: a sense of emotion and empathy.”

She terms the film “an editor’s dream — because they’re amazing actors and gave us great choices. The tricky part was finding the right balance between the pathos and the comedy, as you have a guy in an iron lung and we had to find a way to give the audience permission to laugh. It could so easily have become melodramatic and maudlin.”

Eye on the Oscars: VFX, Sound & Editing
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