Grant Anderson to lead Sony 3D Tech Center

3DTC expands mission to consult on, oversee 3D productions

Sony is refocusing its 3D Technology Center and giving the project new leadership.

Grant Anderson has been named executive director of the 3DTC, which will expand from training d.p.’s in stereoscopic filmmaking into consulting on film and TV productions, overseeing 3D conversions and building up stereoscopic gaming.

Anderson was stereo supervisor on “Beowulf,” “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” and “The Green Hornet.” As part of his new role at the 3DTC, he is providing creative supervision for the conversion of a (still unannounced) library title. Conversion work on the pic is under way in China.

“This is going to be a banner year for 3D films,” predicted Anderson, pointing to Ang Lee’s “Life of Pi,” Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit” and Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby.”

As it has retooled, the 3DTC has shot tests for TV shows, including sudser “Days of Our Lives” and laffer “Happy Endings.” A white paper for the industry detailing the findings from those tests is due to be released in the next few weeks. Anderson said the 3D tests showed especially good results for the soap opera: “It adds a lot — (3D) increases your connection to the material. So it was a very successful test.”

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In its previous incarnation, Sony’s 3D Technology Center offered training classes for filmmakers and cinematographers. More than 4,000 cinematographers went through its programs, as well as directors, vfx supervisors and members of the Art Directors Guild. Among pics that used 3DTC training are “Prometheus,” “The Amazing Spider-Man” and Life of Pi.” Demand for that training was sated, however, and the 3DTC needed to change its mission.

The 3DTC is a joint effort of Sony Corp. of America and Sony Pictures Entertainment. Anderson reports to Toshino Yuhaku, SPE senior VP of corporate alliances.

Stage 7 on Sony’s Culver City lot now houses the Sony Digital Motion Picture Center, which showcases Sony’s digital filmmaking tools and workflows, but the 3D Center offices have remained open. Buzz Hayes, the 3D Technology Center’s former topper, has ankled Sony.