German court bans Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 7.7 in Europe

Sales of 10.1N Tab allowed

LONDON — A German court on Tuesday ruled that Samsung’s Galaxy 7.7 Tablet could not be distributed in the EU but denied a request by Apple to ban sales of Samsung’s 10.1N Tablet in Germany.

The verdict is the latest in an escalating series of legal battles between the tech giants, as Apple seeks to protect its dominance of the growing market for tablets, fast becoming a platform for film and TV content.

In 2011, Apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung, alleging that it was “slavishly copying” its products. The two have been at swords’ point since, though Samsung remains an important supplier for Apple as well as a rival.

Samsung’s Galaxy tablets use Google’s Android OS, and Samsung is trying to carve out its own niche in tablets, in part by focusing on devices of a different size than the iPad.

The court ruling could lead to a ban on sales of the Galaxy 7.7 across the European Union.

Of the ban on the 7.7 Tab, the South Korean manufacturer stated, “Samsung is disappointed with the court’s ruling.”

Samsung did get a result it wanted on another front, though. The Duesseldorf Higher Court ruled in favor of the revised 10.1N model, with its larger screen and relocated speakers.