Fusion-io announced Sunday at NAB the forthcoming edition of Adobe Creative Suite 6 has been designed to work with Fusion’s new high-performance workstation products to make production time much faster.

Adobe Creative Suite 6 production premium will contain the latest editions of popular programs such as After Effects, Premiere and Photoshop, which are all mainstays for digital artists. The Fusion ioFX memory tier will make it possible for digital artists to composite, edit video, perform image manipulation and do other production work in faster time with less lag as they deal with large files, explained Vincent Brisebois, Fusion’s performance computing industry manager.

“We effectively got rid of the wait times usually found when artists were doing their work,” said Brisebois. “The tools shouldn’t be another layer of something that the artists have to work around when they’re doing their jobs.”

After Effects CS6 has also been designed to work faster with large files and will also feature a new 3D camera tracker, extruded text and shapes. Premiere Pro CS6 will feature a new customizable user interface and upgraded trimming tools designed to give editors more flexibility in their work.

“With the popularity of 3D and effects we felt finding a way to increase performance for these apps would give us a competitive edge,” said Brisebois.