‘Funniest Home Videos’ unleashed online

FishBowl repurposing clips on YouTube channel Petsami

America’s Funniest Home Videos” has found a second life online in altered form.

Long-running ABC series is being repurposed on a website that has also enjoyed success showcasing backyard stunts and stumbles: YouTube.

FishBowl Worldwide Media, a digital-minded studio whose principals include “AFHV” creator Vin Di Bona, is launching a YouTube channel devoted to pets that will include many of the clips that have already aired on ABC as part of the series’ 21-year run. The channel does not utilize the “AFHV” brand, however.

The channel, Petsami, also includes original series such as “Leash Line,” a weekly newsmag profiling interesting animals around the world.

FishBowl put “AFHV” to good use on another YouTube series, “CuteWinFail,” which lets users vote on their favorite clips. The concept will be revived in critter-centric form on Petsami as “CuteWinTail.”

Di Bona has cleared the rights to all the content that has ever run on “AFHV,” which gives him ownership over all the footage that has been on the series.

FishBowl is also led by president/CEO Bruce Gersh.