Final Draft, makers of one of the most widely used screenwriting programs, has released its long-delayed iPad app.

Final Draft’s iPad app sells through the iTunes store for $29, jumping to $49 on Oct. 1. The stand-alone app features templates for screenplay, stage, play and TV (drama or sitcom) as well as Dropbox integration.

The app was delayed when earlier attempts failed to meet the company’s standards. Final Draft then brought in a team of programmers to take its proprietary system onto the iPad, according to prexy-CEO Marc Madnick. The current app is the result of two years of research and development.

Though Final Draft has its diehard devotees, the market for iPad screenwriting apps is crowded. Final Draft will have to compete with Inkless Ideas’ Scripts Pro ($7.99) and Filter Apps’ ScriptWrite ($3.99). But Madnick is banking on the capabilities of the Final Draft app, which he believes will motivate writers to spend the extra money. Madnick says Final Draft is also developing its own cloud service as a way to use the app to gather metadata on any project using Final Draft.