FCC to track mobile broadband perf

New program called Measuring Mobile America

The Federal Communications Commission said Wednesday it’s launching the first program to measure nationwide mobile broadband performance, working with wireless providers including AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, trade groups and researchers.

Measuring Mobile America expands on a push to study home broadband perf in the U.S. and will make it easier for consumers to get detailed information about their mobile broadband.

“We know from experience: transparency on broadband speeds drives improvement in broadband speeds,” said FCC chairman Julius Genachowski in a statement. The new venture “will empower consumers and encourage improvements in mobile networks and programs, benefiting millions of Americans.” 

The commission said that its Measuring Broadband America program proved that a public-private partnership designed to promote transparency can yield tangible benefits. In the one year between the first and second Measuring Broadband America reports, the FCC saw significant improvements in broadband performance and offerings, it said. The org will hold an open meeting on Sept. 21 to discuss the new program.