Supporting the growing trend of online and mobile ticketing, Fandango inked a circuitwide multi-year agreement with the nation’s second-largest theater chain, AMC Theaters, pushing Fandango’s total screen count upwards of 20,000 in the U.S.

Fandango now has access to 70% of all Stateside screens with online ticketing capabilities, as well as an increased presence in markets like New York and L.A.

“I think what’s most key is that in those large markets, we’re going to have a much deeper footprint,” Fandango exec VP and general manager Rick Butler told Variety. “AMC believes that online ticketing and mobile application ticketing helps drive attendance. That’s all we do for a living — try to make moviegoing easier.”

Prior to the revised AMC agreement, Fandango catered to less than half of the circuit’s total screen count.

The deal shows that major exhibitors like AMC are eager to increase support for online ticketing and apps.

“In the past year, the introduction of mobile apps has significantly increased not only the browsing of showtimes, but also the purchasing of tickets,” Butler said, adding that mobile sales for Fandango grew 70% in 2011. Online ticketing also has doubled in the past five years, Butler said.

Elizabeth Frank, senior VP of strategy and partnerships at AMC, said online ticketing helps increase filmgoing. “Fandango will be both an important driver of business for AMC and a huge convenience for our guests,” she said.

Fandango is the only online ticketing provider for the nation’s top four theater chains: Regal, AMC, Cinemark and Carmike. The other leading ticketing service, Movietickets.com, partners with 235 theater chains in 17 countries, including the U.S.