Effects biz nails retirement

Pension plans from D'Works Animation, Lucasfilm, Pixar score highly

Though few workers looking for jobs these days tend to prioritize retirement, when it comes to 401(k) plans, three major players in the animation/special effects biz are particularly good places to work. DreamWorks Animation, Lucasfilm and Pixar all score high marks from BrightScope, which rates thousands of company retirement plans on a scale of zero to 100.

Pixar gets the highest rating of the three at 82, even outpacing the plan provided to employees of its parent, Walt Disney Co., which scored 74. It’s not unusual for large organizations to have multiple plans, especially if a unit was acquired after the establishment of the parent’s 401(k).

Lucasfilm’s 401(k) gets a score of 80, and ranks among the top plans in four of the six categories evaluated. The plan loses points in the “investment menu quality” category (which measures both the number and type of investment options), where BrightScope rates it “poor.”

While Lucasfilm plan’s investment choices are considered less than stellar, DreamWorks Animation’s fund menu is “great,” according to BrightScope. Its overall score is 74.

All three companies get top rankings for low plan fees and the average salary deferral per eligible plan participant. The percentage of eligible employees who have plan account balances is above average at Pixar and average at the other two companies.

Complete details are at BrightScope.com.