Produced by Folimage, a French outfit specializing in auteur-driven toons located near Lyon, “A Cat in Paris” marks Jean-Loup Felicioli and Alain Gagnol’s feature debut. With a dozen shorts to their name, the pair has been collaborating since the late ’80s. “Cat” was five years in the making: two years in storyboards and three in production, per Gagnol, a crime novelist who penned the script while Felicioli created the graphic style. Since “Cat” is aimed at family audiences, the team used elements of traditional films noir but added touches of humor for broad appeal. “We used 50,000 drawings, all the color was hand-painted, and we highlighted each character’s face with a color pencil to create a soft shade effect,” Gagnol says. Next up, the duo will reteam with Folimage on “Phantom Boy,” a 2D New York-set fantasy thriller.

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