Autodesk revealed a redesigned edition of Smoke, its widely used, all-in-one video editing and visual effects tool for the Mac, at NAB on Sunday.

Smoke is used by vfx artists because of its high performance and flexibility. The system requirements have been lowered on the new version of the software so it can run on the most recent generations of the Apple iMac and MacBook Pro.

Smoke 2013 will also have a unified editing and effects workflow that will make it possible for editors to manage their media from a central location and work more easily with larger high resolution and 3D files.

“You can never get time back, and this redesign takes that seriously,” said Evan Schechtman, chief technology officer of @radical media. “With Smoke, you have all the tools in one place.”

Smoke 2013 component ConnectFX will allow for powerful node-based compositing inside the program’s timeline so artists can do the kind of intensive vfx and compositing required by many productions without leaving the editorial environment of the program.

The toolset will also allow true 3D compositing, professional-level grading and color matching and the Master Keyer, which enables chroma keying and stereoscopic 3D editing and effects.

Smoke 2013 is expected to be available later this fall for a list price of $3,495 per user.