Autodesk unveiled a new store for 2013 releases of its 3ds Max software products that allows users to search, customize and buy clips and characters without leaving the software itself. 3ds Max animation software and 3ds Max Design visualization software began shipping today.

3ds Max is one of the world’s most widely used professional 3D modeling and visual effects programs and 3ds Max Design is a tool for everyone from designers to architects for 3D modeling, rendering, animation and compositing.

The store allows customers to do a test run on clips. Users can customize clips and preview them in real time for free in the 3ds Max scene to see how particular animations look on a given character and check the performance before they buy. After a purchase, buyers can then make use of the software’s animation layers support in order to edit the animation without destruction or degradation of the images.

These resources can be used in a wide range of scenarios and are especially focused on users who are under a time crunch but still need graphics and animation.

“Now, broadcasters can quickly assemble an animated clip in response to today’s new, and casual game companies can reduce production time by licensing motions targeted to their game and characters,” said Ken Pimentel, director of product management for media design for Autodesk.