As CES opens, what are the most wanted gadgets?

With the Consumer Electronics Show now in full swing, the amount of gadget and gizmo information coming out of Las Vegas is staggering. And given that there are 3,100 companies showcasing more than 20,000 new products here, that’s not surprising. CES-Logo

But while the industry touts its latest and greatest, the general public has already put together its wishlist for 2012 – and the top items on it can’t be found at CES.

Online survey company Sodahead has released the results of a poll showing that Apple’s iPhone 5 remains the most anticipated tech product of 2012, capturing 35 percent of the vote. Close behind was the iPad 3, with 30 percent.

Rounding out the top five was the oft-whispered Google tablet (16 percent), the PlayStation Vita (12 percent), Wii U (11 percent) and the expected-to-be-updated Kindle Fire 2 (7 percent).