Australia’s Fuel VFX has been acquired by Animal Logic for an undisclosed price after being placed into voluntary administration in September.

Known for its work on “The Avengers,” “Iron Man 2,” “Thor” and “Prometheus,” Sydney-based Fuel will now be known as Animal Logic Fuel and continue to trade as Fuel VFX. Animal Logic will shift its advertising and short form vfx post-production work to Fuel.

Animal Logic has also carved out a solid reputation with work on “Happy Feet,” “Sucker Punch” and “House of Flying Daggers.”

Both companies will continue to operate their own film vfx divisions and maintain distinct, separate units. They will also continue to have their own client relationships.

Founded in 2000 by vfx supervisors Paul Butterworth, Andrew Hellen, Simon Maddison and Dave Morley, Fuel handled large quantities of shots on some of the most popular tentpoles over the last three years. Still the independent company struggled to navigate the downturn in work that has impacted vfx houses worldwide.

The company’s founders will all stay with the company and its location will remain at its current site, several miles from Animal Logic headquarters at Sydney’s Fox Studios.

“The ability for Animal Logic and Fuel to retain and grow their film vfx client relationships while being able to share proprietary knowledge and tools, and collaborate creatively with ease, is a strategic partnership that will enhance the operations of both companies,” said Jason Bath, Fuel’s exec VP of film vfx.