Vizio rebrands TV apps

Partners include iHeartRadio, Wall Street Journal, Technicolor's M-GO

Vizio is expanding its TV app offerings and rebranding them Vizio Internet Apps Plus: V.I.A. Plus for short.

Vizio’s partners on V.I.A. Plus at launch are to include iHeartRadio, the Wall Street Journal and Technicolor’s M-GO. The M-GO video-on-demand app helps with content discovery while providing second-screen bonus content to go with music and TV shows.

V.I.A. Plus is meant to provide a unified interface for a range of devices, including TVs, tablets and Blu-ray players, with details optimized automatically for each screen size and typical viewing distance. They will be accessible on Vizio’s 47-, 55- and 65-inch 3D HDTVs, its VBR430 Blu-ray player and VAP430 Stream Player.

The same devices will also feature Google TV.

Each V.I.A. Plus device will come with a Bluetooth remote controlwith a full QWERTY keyboard and touchpad. The Blu-ray player will have WiFi and provide access to video, audio and photos on any DLNA-compatible computer on a home network.The VAP430 Stream Player gives any HDTV access to V.I.A. Plus.