Stern: Radio shock jock is just as outrageous on TV

Comedy Impact Report 2012: Talk Show - Howard Stern

The self-titled “King of All Media” has always enjoyed shocking people and subverting expectations, and he didn’t disappoint either fans or haters this year when he brought his raunchy persona and controversial style to the seventh season of NBC’s family friendly “America’s Got Talent.”

Tapped to replace judge Piers Morgan, the Sirius XM radio host (and longtime fan of the show) was courted for months by network execs, who offered him a reported $20 million per year — and a commitment to move the production from L.A. to New York to accommodate his day-job schedule.

The 58-year-old Stern, who had already cut back his radio duties to three days a week and made noises about retiring, makes a total annual salary estimated at $80 million, thanks to his rich Sirius deal (one of the biggest in show business, worth several hundred million).

While his satellite radio audience is thought to number around 3 million — a far cry from his syndicated show highs of 12 million between 1986 and 2005 — he still wields a lot of clout and a loyal following.