Scilla Andreen, CEO, IndieFlix

Women's Impact Report 2012: Executives

IndieFlix (indieflix.com) is the Netflix of independent films, giving viewers access to more than 4,500 shorts, docs and features that have often only been available on the festival film circuit; but her big innovation is the Royalty Pool Minutes system, which pays filmmakers for every minute someone watches their film on the site. Andreen also distributed the docu “Finding Kind,” which screened in 500 schools.

Twitter: @IndieFlixCEO

What we must know: “The industry is changing dramatically. We need gatekeepers in order to filtrate content — 60,000 movies are made around the world every year. We want people to have the opportunity to make movies, but we’ve got to figure out a way to discover films that are relevant to the industry. Hollywood accounts for 600 of the 60,000, and they monopolize the theaters. But (it’s also an) exciting time because filmmakers have the power to raise the money.”

Words of wisdom: “Everybody should have what I would call an advisory board for your life. I have a great advisory board for Indieflix, and it’s amazing to have access to people of power and influence who care about you and want the very best for you and I think people need to have that.”

Smartphone habits: “I absolutely take it on vacation. If I can just check things everyday I relax a lot more and when I get home I don’t have 10,000 emails stocked up. I also love what I do, so honestly when I open my computer every morning its like an Advent Calendar, I can’t wait to see what I get to do today.”

Work-life balance: “Communication, and I eat dinner with my children. And I do the little things like drop them off at school in the morning, just the mundane stuff. Plus texting, like ‘how was lunch?,’ ‘who did you sit next to at lunch?’ — I’m constantly in their faces.”

Charitable causes: “I started the Indieflix foundation, which brings film to underserved communities. I believe film is one of the most powerful media in the world — we can heal with film.”