UltraViolet could soon get a nice promotional push from Rovi as it looks to increase usage of the digital locker.

Santa Clara, Calif.-based Rovi used CES to roll out its Digital Copy Solution, a service that will enable users to convert DVDs and Blu-ray discs into digital collections that they can access from the cloud with devices registered through UltraViolet.

Rovi’s copy technology will be integrated into consumer electronics devices and PC applications during the first quarter of this year, allowing them to recognize a movie on physical disc, authenticate its origin and grant access to a copy from the UltraViolet Digital Library.

Digital copies can then be played through Internet-connected devices including HDTVs, Blu-ray Disc players, set-top boxes, video game consoles, smartphones, tablets and PCs. About 196 million consumers are expected to use the cloud-based service by 2016with roughly 540 million Internet-connected devices in livingrooms expected to access digital movie, music, book, photo and other files by 2014 Forrester Research predicts.

“Consumers want to watch movies anywhere, while still getting value from the investment they have made in physical media,” said Corey Ferengul, executive VP of products at Rovi. “The Rovi Digital Copy Solution combined with UltraViolet, unlocks new value for consumers and helps them rediscover some of their favorite entertainment that can be enjoyed on many different devices via the cloud,” adding that the technology “can provide CE manufacturers, digital storefronts, and movie studios with an opportunity to acquire new customers, generate new revenue, and introduce more consumers to the flexibility and convenience of digitally delivered entertainment.”

Rovi Digital Copy Solution incorporates Rovi Media Recognition and Media Authentication Services and can be incorporated as a component of the Rovi Entertainment Store.