From flash mobs to world leaders, there doesn’t seem to be anyone left on earth who hasn’t been infected by quirky Korean pop star Psy’s “Gangnam Style.”

Riding high as the second most- watched video on YouTube (with more than 660 million views and counting), the song — a parody tribute to an upscale neighborhood in Seoul — has now topped the charts in more than 30 countries, selling upward of 2 million copies in the U.S. alone.

But Gangnam’s galloping dance style is not merely this year’s “Macarena,” insists music producer Scooter Braun, who discovered Justin Bieber on YouTube. Braun recently signed the K Pop star to his Schoolboy Records and plans to release another single followed by an album in March.

“The crowds you are seeing are not for a one-hit wonder,” Braun says, pointing out that Psy is well-established in his native South Korea, where the singer had released six albums during his 12-year career. “There are a lot of people with big songs, but no one comes out to see them. Psy is a legit live performer. He is not done having fun. There will be more songs and more ridiculous dances.”