Mousetrap Films is launching Film Festival Flix as a means to distribute a monthly series of indies into U.S. theaters.

“MouseTrap Films was created to find the film festival gems that fall through the cracks,” said topper Benjamin Oberman. “The Film Festival Flix platform was created as a solution to the challenge of marketing and branding a great film that lacks the star power or other elements needed for a traditional promotional campaign.”

MouseTrap plans to release up to three films a month in U.S. theaters with day-and-date VOD/DVD — along with simulcasts of interviews with filmmakers and actors.

Early acquisitions include “Face to Face,” directed by Michael Rymer from a play by David Williamson; Jan Dunn’s “The Calling,” starring Brenda Blethyn and the late Susannah York; “The Holy Land of Tyrol” (aka Mountain Blood), a German-language film by director Philipp J. Pamer; and Alastair Orr’s sci-fi horror film “Expiration.”

“The goal of Film Festival Flix as a distributor is to use an alternative theatrical release strategy as a means to provide a platform for the independent film to be discovered,” Oberman said. “The audience gets the opportunity to see the film in the way the filmmaker originally intended it to be seen — on the bigscreen. The filmmaker gets to connect directly with their audience and also lay the groundwork for future films they may make.”