Apple still core of show

CES building a hardware core

People asking about Apple’s absence from the Consumer Electronics Show are asking the wrong question, according to the Consumer Electronics Assn’s chief economist Shawn DuBravac.

“The key, to me, is that we’re building a hardware core,” DuBravac said, meaning a standardized platform that can support an entire industry of accessories.

For example, the standard sized slots in auto dashboards helped create the car stereo industry, and “a similar hardware core has been developed” for Apple devices, DuBravac said.

That can be seen at CES’ iLounge, which features more than 300 exhibitors, showcasing Apple products.

DuBravac added that “last year was perhaps the strongest wireless show in CES history and I expect this to be a stronger year.” He predicted the emergence of “superphones,” with all the capabilities of a PC in a mobile phone form. Again, another nod to the impact of Apple’s iPhone.