Jennifer Hoelzer is joining the American Film Institute as VP of communications.

Hoelzer has been communications director for Rep. Ron Wyden (D-Oregon), and has worked for other congressional representatives and in the Clinton White House in the National Security Council’s communications office.

Bob Gazzale, president of the AFI, said the “goal was to find someone who could articulate the relevance of the moving image arts to the nation and the world, and we believe we have found that voice in Jen.  She loves the movies, and her fresh perspective and extensive communications experience is precisely what the American Film Institute needs to remind us all that the movies matter.”

At Wyden’s office, Hoelzer worked on a number of issues, including Internet policy. Much to the dismay of the show biz lobby, last year Wyden put a hold on the Protect IP Act, which was scuttled in the face of an Internet blackout in January.