In a profile of Jim Messina, President Obama’s reelection campaign manager, Bloomberg Businessweek’s Joshua Green writes that Messina took extensive advice from Steven Spielberg on how to reach audiences, and even spent time with the DreamWorks marketing team.

Green writes, “At DreamWorks Studios, Steven Spielberg spent three hours explaining how to capture an audience’s attention and offered a number of ideas that will be rolled out before Election Day. An early example of Spielberg’s influence is RomneyEconomics.com, a website designed by the Obama team to tell the story—a horror story, by their reckoning—of Mitt Romney’s career at Bain Capital. Afterward, Spielberg insisted that Messina sit down with the DreamWorks marketing team. Hollywood movie studios are expert, as presidential campaigns also must be, at spending huge sums over a few weeks to reach and motivate millions of Americans.”

Several weeks ago, I chatted with Jason Killian Meath, who created the “King of Bain” documentary for the pro-Newt Gingrich SuperPAC that ran in advance of the South Carolina primary.

Meath said that he took heat for making a documentary that could play into Democrats’ hands. But he responded, “If I don’t do it now, (Obama adviser) David Axelrod will do it, and Steven Spielberg will direct it by the time September comes around.'”

Turns out he was very close to be right — save for the timing.