Mitt and Ann Romney taped their appearance on “Live with Kelly and Michael,” the syndicated talk show hosted by Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan. Judging from the pool report, the conversation was light, bright and personable — just what the campaign wants in the final stretch. Expect more appearances on daytime talk and late night comedy from now until Election Day, as campaigns see this as a way of reaching the very few voters who may not be paying attention to politics — or may be doing their best to avoid it altogether.

Here’s what was gleaned from the Romney’s interview: Mitt sees Gene Hackman playing himself in a movie, Michelle Pfieffer playing Ann. In a visit to the White House during the years of George W. Bush, Ann went exploring through the Executive Mansion, opened one door and there was the President getting a massage. When she saw Bush later that day, she was embarrassed, but he told her, “I look pretty good, don’t I?” And both of the Romneys reaffirmed what their favorite TV show is: “Modern Family.” Mitt also is a Snooki fan.

None of this is going to shed light on what kind of a president Mitt Romney will be, but it is now part of the process. (Could you imagine the Nixons doing this?) Ripa asked the Romneys about some of their guilty pleasures, and for those who are satiated on the whole election after a long campaign, their interview itself probably fits in that category.

The full pool transcript here.