The rule for drawing attention in spam-infested inboxes is to create an intriguing subject line. That seems to be where the Obama campaign has directed a lot of its effort, even if some of them sound a bit too much like stalking.

The latest is from Beyonce, who with the subject line “I don’t usually email you,” asks donors to enter a drawing to attend a fundraiser next week for President Obama. She’s on the bill along with Jay-Z, in what could be Obama’s final Manhattan event before the election.

Donors are asked to contribute $7 — or whatever they can — although no contribution is actually necessary.

Ever since the campaign sponsored a contest in which winning entrants could attend a fundraiser at the home of George Clooney last May, the use of celebrities has proven especially lucrative. Similar contests were held to attend events at the home of Sarah Jessica Parker and with a host of NBA stars, and the campaign of Mitt Romney held one to win a dinner with the candidate and Donald Trump. (We’re waiting for Clint Eastwood).

The Clooney event raised about $14.8 million, according to campaign sources, with the majority of the money coming from the online contest. The campaign has tried to boost its small-dollar contributors, which is one reason that the Obama team has unleashed a nonstop flurry of emails to supporters this season. The New York Times today examines the role of large dollar fundraisers in bankrolling Obama’s reelection bid, and finds that they are playing a far bigger part in the campaign than they were in 2008.

According to the Times, citing internal campaign documents, Andrew Tobias is the top bundler of the current cycle, having raised more than $4 million. But Jeffrey Katzenberg and Andy Spahn, his political adviser, top all donors since 2007, with more than $6.6 million raised. The figures do not include amounts that have gone to a pro-Obama SuperPAC, Priorities USA Action, for which Katzenberg has been among the biggest benefactors, donating $2 million last year to get the org launched.

The full list is here. Others high up on the list include Anna Wintour, Colleen Bell, Ken Solomon, John Emerson and Noah Mamet.

The Beyonce email (with links removed) is below.