The headline on Drudge today blares out: “Insider: Gingrich Repeatedly Insulted Reagan.”

It’s a tradition for GOP candidates to invoke Ronald Reagan, and now allies of Mitt Romney and a lot of conservative media are using him as a weapon as the face the possibility of Gingrich winning the Florida primary.

During debates, Gingrich has been among the greatest of all Gipper name-droppers, so the flurry of opposition research showing that the former House speaker wasn’t all ga-ga for Reagan when he was president turns the approach on its head.

Politico has a story of how conservative media, led by Drudge, is fearful enough of a Gingrich win that they are going all out to stop him. One word that keeps popping up over and over again in attacks is “erratic,” almost as if to doom his chances not just during the primary season, but in November.

“There’s just so much risk on so many levels,” one conservative media figure tells Politico. “Everyone’s thinking, ‘It could really happen.’ He could win the presidency if there’s a way to win with 45 percent — a second recession or a third-party candidate. The immediate worry is him winning the nomination and losing the election, tanking candidates down-ballot. In a worst-case scenario, you could see unified Democratic governance, and we’d be back where we were in ’09 and ’10. It’s insane.”