Here’s a survey across the spectrum of entertainment industry figures and their view of Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate:

Rupert Murdoch, via Twitter: “Thank God! Now we might have a real election on the great issues of the day. Paul Ryan almost perfect choice….Romney choice of Ryan looking better and better. Romney re-energized and speaking better. Now we can choose between Greek and US dream.”

Lionel Chetwynd, director screenwriter, via e-mail: “I thought I was past being excited by politics and politicians, but this has me so thrilled and enthusiastic!  Paul Ryan  — a small town boy, a great American success story — is one of the most intelligent and thoughtful men I know.  More than that, he’s principled: what you see is what you get, no deviousness there.  He understands, profoundly, what is destroying our economy and driving us over the cliff.  He believes American decline is a choice not an inevitability.  He’s the only politician I’ve ever had a long and detailed conversation on how Churchill handled “the five days” — May 26-30, 1940 — when he turned the political trend and gained the commitment of the British people to take up an almost hopeless cause and fight for their beliefs.  He’s the real thing.  He’s won elections when the top of the ticket went Democrat.  He really is the real thing.  It will, I hope, force the Obama-Biden campaign to stop slandering and start debating the issues and defending their dismal record– though they have not an ounce of his intelligence or wisdom.” 

Craig Haffner, producer, via email: “Paul Ryan — not MY 1st choice, (my cell dropped the call right when they were asking me!) but I “get” the strategy of this selection to solidify the base. However, Mitt still has to step up his “game” if he’s going to grab the Undecided vote.”

Roger Simon, screenwriter and Pajamas Media editor, via Pajamas Media: “Mitt Romney did something that a lot of supposed wise men said he wouldn’t — pick a vice presidential candidate who is more charismatic than he. In choosing Paul Ryan, Romney took the risk he would be outshone, but he did America a favor. He selected the brightest young politician we have.”

Alec Baldwin, via Twitter: “Another center-right Republican Pres’al candidate tries to burnish his right wing cred with a fringe right running mate.”

Kal Penn, an Obama campaign co-chair, via Twitter: “This is awful. I was hoping it would be Jindal so I could play him in the HBO movie.”

Bill Maher, via Twitter: Paul Ryan: first off, his plan is not “brave” – its growth estimates based on magic beans plus f— the poor/blow the rich. Not “brave”.

George Lopez, via Twitter: “VVLV’s @MittRomney I believe you just locked down the Latino Vote!”

More to come…