Russ Schriefer, senior adviser to Mitt Romney’s campaign, said that they still plan for Ann Romney to speak to the Republican National Convention on Monday, even though the broadcast networks are not planning to air any convention coverage that evening.

“Rather than ask whether we are going to change; I
think the question to ask is whether they (the networks) are going to
change,” Schriefer told Variety.

The networks instead plan to cover just three nights of the Republican Convention, for an hour of primetime each evening. The next week, CBS and ABC are covering three nights of the Democratic Convention. NBC is covering two, devoting Wednesday, Sept. 5 to an NFL football game.

Schriefer added that he thought it was a “mistake” for all three networks to essentially all cover the same three nights of the convention. “Why don’t they cover the night no one else is covering, and be the draw for that night?”

Nevertheless, he predicted that the convention will draw bigger numbers on cable, “much bigger than you have seen in the past.”