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Nancy Pelosi is trying to drum up support for the DISCLOSE Act, which would make more transparent the flood of donors investing in SuperPACS, so to draw attention she’s released a new video that takes aim (satirically) at Stephen Colbert.

“Stephen Colbert used to be my friend. I even signed the poor baby’s cast when he hurt his hand,” she says. “But since the day he started his super PAC, taking secret money from special interests, he’s been out of control, even using his super PAC to attack my friend, Newt Gingrich. And if that weren’t enough, I hear he doesn’t even like kittens.”

Colbert has been in the midst of his own campaign to promote his SuperPAC, as a way to highlight the confusing and contradictory nature of election law. Campaign finance advocates praise him for using humor to draw attention to otherwise wonkish issues.

As for Pelosi, she’s got a good sense of deadpan, but I’m not sure about the timing.