A recent poll in his native South Carolina showed Stephen Colbert beating Jon Huntsman, and now the late-night host is considering throwing his hat in the ring.

Colbert, already determined to take part in the presidential contest via his SuperPAC, told viewers on Wednesday that he would make a “major announcement” tonight.

“That’s a really big decision,” he said. “First, I need to pray on it….OK, God’s good with it. But obviously, I still have to go home, sit down, and talk it over with my money.”

Colbert already tried to get a question on the South Carolina primary ballot — posing the query whether “corporations are people” or “whether people are people.” South Carolina Republicans actually considered it — with the promise of some financial support to help pay for the primary.

In the last cycle, Colbert sought to get himself placed on the state’s Democratic primary ballot, but that effort was rejected.

A Colbert for President campaign would certainly generate more attention as he satirizes the current state of politics, but he’s not breaking new ground. Perhaps the most famous of all satirical candidates was Pat Paulsen in 1968, essentially an extension of sketches he created for “The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour.” He ran as a write-in candidate, and undoubtedly collected some protest votes. Exactly how many has forever been a source of dispute.

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