On Letterman, Obama Comments on Romney Video: “If You Want to Be President, You Have to Work for Everyone”

615120_10151097635063375_367784348_oPresident Obama travelled to Manhattan today, stopping at the Ed Sullivan Theater to tape an appearance for this night’s “Late Show with David Letterman.”

Based on a pool report, Obama appears to have called Romney’s comments a mistake, even though the candidate has not backed down from the remarks. Romney appeared on Fox News this afternoon to further respond to criticism of his remarks.

Letterman asked him about the Romney video, and per the pool report, Obama said, “One of the things I learned as president is you
represent the entire country. If you want to be president, you have to work for everyone.”

”All of us make mistakes…”What I think people want to make sure of, though, is you’re not
writing off a big chunk of the country…This is a big country. And people disagree a lot but
one thing I’ve never tried to do and I think none of us can do in public office is suggest that because somebody doesn’t agree with me that they’re vicitms or they’re unpatriotic.”

“There are not a lot of people out there who think they’re victims,” he said. “There are not a lot of people who think they’re entitled to something.”

“We’ve got some obligations to each other, and there’s nothing
wrong with us giving each other a helping hand so that that single mom’s kid, even after all the work she’s done, can afford to go to college.”

“When I won in 2008, 47 percent of the American people voted for John McCain,” Obama said. “They didn’t vote for me and what I said on election night was: ‘Even though you didn’t vote for me, I hear your voices, and I’m going to work as hard as I can to be your president.’”

Obama also commented on the violence in Lebanon and the death of American ambassador Chris Stevens as well as the video that has sparked protests throughout the region.

“The message we have to send to the Muslim world is that we expect
you to work with us, to keep our people safe, and as offensive as this video was — and obviously we denounced it, the United States government had nothing to do with it — that’s never an excuse for violence.”

Obama will appear later this evening at a fundraiser featuring Jay Z and Beyonce.

Letterman did get in a Clint Eastwood joke, asking Obama whether he wanted to say anything to the empty chair next to him.

Photo: CBS.