President Obama treks to Los Angeles on Wednesday for his ninth visit since taking office and, once again, he’ll be raising money at a handful of Hollywood-centric events.

Scheduled to land at LAX at 4 p.m., again in the midst of rush hour, Obama will head to the Holmby Hills home of producers Colleen and Bradley Bell, best known for the soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Obama will headline two events: One featuring a live performance by the Foo Fighters is aimed at younger donors, with tickets starting at $250-per-person, and the other is a dinner and reception with tickets set at $35,800 per person. Cohosts of the dinner are the Bells, John Emerson and Kimberly Marteau, Will and Viveca Ferrell, Noah Mamet, Nicole Avant and Ted Sarandos, and Ken and Lissa Solomon.

This will be Obama’s first visit to L.A. in 2012, in what bundlers hope will mark increased interest and enthusiasm in his reelection campaign.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Obama has raised $1.2 million from TV, movie and music sources so far this cycle. That is down from the nearly $2.8 million he raised by this point in the last cycle, when he was locked in a fierce primary battle with Hillary Clinton. In fact, Obama and Clinton raised nearly equal amounts from Hollywood through the end of 2007. Another caveat: His fundraising didn’t start until the spring of 2007, and the figure also does not include sums raised for the Democratic National Committee via the joint Obama Victory Fund.

Obama fund-raisers expect the pace to pick up once a GOP candidate locks in the nomination. To little surprise, Obama’s fund-raising from show biz far exceeds that of the leader on the GOP side, Mitt Romney, who has so far raised $228,750, according to the CRP.

Also on the president’s itinerary is a breakfast on Thursday at the Corona del Mar home of Jeff and Nancy Stack, with tickets starting at $2,500 per person. He’ll then head to San Francisco for more fund-raising, including an event with Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell, and will undoubtedly draw a fair share of Silicon Valley support. So far this cycle, computer and Internet sources have given $1.7 million, slightly more than show biz, according to CRP.