Invites have gone out for President Obama’s next visit to Los Angeles: As I reported earlier this week, he’ll be doing a pair of fund-raisers on Feb. 15 at the Beverly Hills home of Colleen and Bradley Bell, part of the family responsible for some of TV’s most popular soap operas.

Obama will attend a late-afternoon low-dollar (tickets start at $250) event at the Bells featuring a live musical performance, followed by a $35,800-per-person dinner.

Among the co-hosts of the dinner are Will Ferrell and his wife Viveca, along with Noah Mamet, Nicole Avant and Ted Sarandos, Kimberly Marteau and John Emerson and Ken and Lissa Solomon.

This will Obama’s first visit to Hollywood circles since the flare up over anti-piracy legislation in Congress. MPAA chairman Chris Dodd and some studio moguls have been public about their unhappiness with the White House’s position, and have hinted that they may withhold their support. But Hollywood traditionally is not on the same page when it comes to political giving, as a host of other non-industry issues tend to be the motivations for industry donors when they are writing checks to candidates.