If you stop by Culver Studios today, you might hear this: “Hi … this
is Michael Lynton, and I’m a volunteer with Organizing for America,
President Obama’s grassroots campaign. How are you?”

Lynton, along with wife Jamie, stopped by the Culver City phone bank
on election day, where organizers expected between 600 and 700
volunteers to pass through the doors of soundstage 3. The Sony topper
missed co-chairman Amy Pascal, who had already volunteered before 9 a.m.

Campaign bundler Jamie Lynton sported a custom-made silver
necklace with the Obama rising sun logo. Top California Obama campaign
staffer Mary Jane Stevenson gave Lynton the necklace after the 2008
election. Jamie Lynton began volunteering for Obama since “the day he
announced” in 2007.

“I will be here until we get to declare victory. I sent out an
email to about 550 people and tell them to get out here,” Jamie Lynton
said, moments before her husband walked up. The two jokingly discussed
whether their eldest daughter had cut school to make phone banking calls
with her parents.

Bizzers including Cameron Crowe and Julia Louis-Dreyfus had also
stopped by to cold call residents in states including Colorado, Ohio and
Wisconsin (Dreyfus even made a video of herself making calls, available
on her website).

Volunteers estimated that California had made as many as a
million calls on Monday, making it one of the most actively grassroots
non-battleground states.

Several volunteers nearly wandered into the soundstage next door,
where dozens of women were heading into a live taping of “The Ricki
Lake Show.”

Asked what the atmosphere was like at the nearby Sony lot,
Michael Lynton said there was support for both sides, although he
pointed out that most of the support for Republican nominee Mitt Romney
came less from inside Sony and more from producers and others around the

By Rachel Abrams