President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are making their way to the West Village home of Sarah Jessica Parker, where he will raise money with a mix of show biz and fashion industry stars.

About 50 people are expected at the event, including Anna Wintour, Meryl Streep and Aretha Franklin (the latter is via TMZ, camped out on at the entrance), and tickets are going for $40,000 per person. The fundraiser is the latest contest in the campaign’s use of celebrity as a sweetener for supporters to win a contest to attend. After the millions that came from a contest last month to win entrance to George Clooney’s presidential fundraiser, the campaign went all out to encourage participation in the Parker event.

Parker appeared in a commercial shown during the MTV Movie Awards, and Wintour appeared in a web video urging the winners to “not be late.” As it turns out, the winner is Robin Hunt, a Baltimore project administrator at Johns Hopkins Hospital who brought her mother, Elvita, as her guest.

Later in the evening, the Obamas will attend a $10,000-per-person event at the Plaza, where Mariah Carey will perform and Alicia Keys and Newark Mayor Cory Booker will deliver remarks.

Update: Also present at the Parker event were Andy Cohen and Michael Kors. Obama said that he, Parker and husband Matthew Broderick were “great friends,” and that Wintour, a co-host of the event,was “just as great a friend.”

As Obama, going into his stump speech, said “GM is now back on top,” Parker’s son began clapping.

“He wanted to fire up the crowd,” Obama said.

“He knows an applause line,” Cohen said, roaring. “Right on cue!”

From the pool report: “The guests sat at two long tables in two long rooms w dividing doors open. There was ample art on the wall, and a floor to ceiling bookshelves and two large marble fireplaces. The mantels on the fireplaces were covered in flowers, as were the tables, which were also decorated with votives.”

Obama, who said that the event was he and the First Lady’s “date night,” also had a Q&A with the guests, which was not open to the press. But Wintour, Obama noted, was going to “moderate to make sure I don’t call on the wrong person.”