President Obama attends a fundraiser this evening at the Westport, Conn., home of Harvey Weinstein, who already is among the campaign’s high-dollar bundlers.

Anne Hathaway and Aaron Sorkin are among the cohosts for the $28,500-per-person event, and Joanne Woodward is on the guest list, according to the Hartford Courant.

Obama also will attend a larger fundraising event in Stamford, Conn., with tickets starting at $500 per person.

Weinstein hosted Obama for a fundraiser at his Manhattan home last August.

Mitt Romney’s campaign bested Obama’s campaign in July fundraising, collecting $101 million versus $75 million. The figures include money raised along with each party’s committee.

Obama’s campaign is depending heavily on show biz contributions. First Lady Michelle Obama will be in Los Angeles on Sunday and Monday for a series of events, including fundraisers at the homes of Gwen Stefani and Barry Meyer.

Members of the cast of “The Wire” will be raising money for Obama’s campaign at an Aug. 15 event on Martha’s Vineyard, although the President will not attend.

Campaign sources say Obama is expected to return to Los Angeles for a show-biz centric event in late September.

Update: After the Aurora, Colo. theater shootings, Weinstein has been vocal about gun control and movie depiction of violence. The topic came up in the press gaggle today with principal deputy press secretary Josh Earnest. He was asked whether it will come up at tonight’s fundraiser.

Harvey Weinstein has made some comments recently about the need for gun control.  And in light of the temple shootings in Wisconsin this weekend — and he’s talked about the movie industry’s role in glorifying violence sometimes.  Does the President have any plans to discuss that tonight?

“Well, I don’t know that there will be anything in the President’s prepared remarks this evening.  But Jay talked about this pretty extensively during the briefing, about the President’s commitment to protecting Second Amendment rights while ensuring that we make maximum use of the laws that are currently on the books to ensure that people who don’t — who shouldn’t have guns aren’t able to get them.

“The President talked about this pretty extensively in his speech to the Urban League a couple of weeks back.  But I don’t know that he is going to — that he’s planned to make any additional remarks on that today.”