Talking Points Memo and Politico report that President Obama connected Bruce Springsteen, riding with him on Air Force One, to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, one of the Boss’ biggest fans.

The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg last summer wrote an entire story about Christie’s love of Springsteen, attending a concert with him, while the singer largely ignored the governor.

That has changed after Hurricane Sandy, which saw Christie praising Obama for his response to the storm, and Springsteen also giving high marks to the governor of the Garden State.

According to Politico, Obama was on the phone with Christie when he told him he had someone who wanted to speak to him. That was when he handed the phone over to Springsteen. At a press conference, Christie described the experience of gaining Springsteen’s friendship.

A clip of Jay-Z’s introduction of Obama at a Columbus rally is below, along with a version of “99 Problems.” In the rapper’s rendition of the latter, he inserted “Mitt” for “bitch,” as he was told “no colorful language.”